Gray Fin Studios mobile app privacy policy

What information do we collect?

We occasionally collect anonymous usage data when the app is run, to help us improve the user experience.
For optional online leaderboards, in certain games, we collect the submitted username/email-address from the sign-in form.

What do we use the information for?

Anonymous usage data is used to help us optimize the use experience, and to track bugs in the games.
In certain games, encrypted leaderboard login details are stored as an essential part of providing an online leaderboard system.

How do we protect your information?

Usage data is anonymous, and can not be tracked to an individual user. For online leaderbaord data (email address), we implement a variety of security measures to ensure the data is protected.

Do we disclose information to third parties?

We do not provide, sell, or trade, any personally identifiable information to third parties.
As part of the anonymous usage data collection, certain third party systems (eg. Google Analytics) may have access to to non-personally identifiable information.
In ad-supported games (eg. Minisquadron Lite, and Acceler8 free), certain third party ad networks (eg. Google Admob) may have access to to non-personally identifiable information.