Pew! Pew! Pew!

Dual Core is a vibrant, futuristic, "twin-stick" style, shooter, with a strong focus on local co-op multiplayer.

It's 2147 and the human colony on Europa has suffered a terrible fate. Rebooting after hibernation, two super-intelligent AI cores awake to find themselves installed within a couple of old security drones. Their attempts to uncover what occurred may end up becoming a lower priority than merely surviving...

Lots of robots, lots of lasers, lots of aliens, lots of explosions! The numerous retro arcade influences are front and center, but spiced up with a colorful modern style, a generous helping of sci-fi intrigue, and a dash of RPG ELEMENTS!
  • Don't fight alone! Up to 4 players can battle together in local co-op, but you'll always have your trusty (AI-controlled) robo-buddies by your side.
  • Story mode sees you battle through a ton of handcrafted levels as you attempt to shed light on the calamity that befell the colony.
  • Arcade mode is a straight up arena-shooter, where you battle wave after endless wave of the alien horde.
  • Versus mode pits you against up to 3 friends (or AI controlled bots - If your friends are wasting their time doing something other than playing Dual Core).

Update video
We haven't posted any footage from Dual Core for a while, so here's a recent(ish) Vine from the arena mode. As you can see it's getting a bit crazy ! (this is late on and supposed be difficult!)

Our new game is Dual Core
Yes! We finally settled on a name! It's called Dual Core.

You can follow progress on Google+ or on twitter

New page for our new game
No its not finished, and it still doesn't have a name, but we have a page on the website for it now!

Clickety-click here!

Acceler8 on Amazon Appstore
Got a Kindle Fire Tablet? (Or the awesome new Kindle Fire HD?)

Our 3D off-road racing game Acceler8 is now available on the Amazon Appstore!

Available at Amazon

Acceler8 driver rankings
Using a top-secret formula* we can now calculate just how great you are at Acceler8. Based on your individual Top 30 leaderboard positions, we can now measure your overall awesomeness as a single numerical value

How well are you doing? Go have a look now!

(*not really that top-secret)

Acceler8 on Playbook!
Acceler8 is now available on the awesome Blackberry Playbook!

We also hope to support upcoming BB10 devices when they're released.

Go get it on App World now!

Forever Drive!
For the last few months we've been hard at work with Supermono Studios and Red Robot Labs, helping bring their awesome game Forever Drive to Android. It's now available on Google Play

It's a free download, so go get it!

Our online leaderboards are finally available here on this website, so you can keep track of how well you're doing!

Check it out Right here

Right now , it looks like "Sludge" is the one to beat, but it's a close call on some tracks, and with ghost cars now in time trial mode, its become a little easier (and more fun!) to improve your lap times.